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6K Service Question


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Do you recommend having the BMW service department do the 6k service? This is my first BMW (R1200RT). I can do the service but don't want to screw up the warranteeee. I also here that only BMW can reset the service message indicator, which has not come on yet. Any advice oh wise ones?

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I'm really not that wise, but that's not stopped me before. :grin:


It is generally recommended that the BMW dealer do the 600 mile service, but after that you can do it yourself. It is not that difficult. If you want to save money, consider doing at least some of the work, such as the oil/filter change, yourself and let the dealer do those things that you are not comfortable with (valve adjustment and throttle synch?). Either way, your warranty will remain intact, unless you botch the jobs you do yourself. Keep a log and receipts for what you do on your own.


I am not aware of any way for the DIYer to reset the service light. I'm glad my '05 doesn't have one.



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If you're comfortable doing it your self, I'd go ahead and do it, documenting what you do then take it to the dealer to hook up to their machine and read the fault codes and reset the service message. That probably won't cost much and it would be good to see if there is something in the fault codes that require attention. My $.02

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Break down the steps of the 6K service into smaller projects; oil change, fluid checks, break checks, etc. The most intimidating step might be the valve adjustment and there are many postings on this forum that will guide you through. Your signature doesn't say what year your RT is, but was your final drive fluid changed at the 600 mile service? A lot of postings on the FD maintenance can also be found with a search. Take the plunge...it's fun and you will learn about the bike and gain confidence for the road.

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+1 on doing it yourself.


You only need a few "special" tool


Oil filter wrench


Extended spark plug socket


Twin-Max to balance the throttle bodies


Almost all the information you need is on this and other forums.


Also once the service message comes on - only the dealer can re-set it

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Just be aware that there was a rather lengthy thread posted recently by an individual who used a non-BMW oil filter on his RT, had an engine-related problem and BMW USA denied warranty coverage, citing use of a non-BMW oil filter. All this to say, use a BMW oil filter.


Also keep in mind that the company that makes the GS-911 code reader has been working on an update to allow this piece of kit to reset the service indicator on the bike. Here's what they say about this in their FAQ section of their website:


"This is one of the most asked questions in recent months - At present this is not a function in GS-911, however, this is already available in-house and working, and we hope to have is available as a public Beta version around early February '09."


Check out their website: http://www.hexcode.co.za/

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