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Lights out on R1150RT

Tim Yip

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While on tour to Manitoba, both my high and low beams went out on my '04 RT. The blue high beam warning light on the dash is on. I checked the fuses; they all seem to be good. (I rode home using the fog lights for DRLs. Thank goodness for that.) Has the headlight switch or some kind of relay failed? The bike is scheduled to go in for a warranty repair this week. Opinions, anybody?

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The Hi and Low beams share a common ground wire in the bottom of the headlight assembly. If the ground wire comes loose the high beam indicator will come on and both lights will not work.

You should be able to take the back cover off the assembly and track it down - I can not remember the wire color for sure but it may be brown.

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There is no relay specifically for the headlights, but there is a load relief relay that turns off the headlights during engine cranking. Check there.

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Mine did the same thing. Called the SM @ Iron Horse. It was the ground on the light assy. The whole light assy was replaced under warr.

The upside was I combined the warr. visit w/ my 6k service. I had them install some piaas for me since they had it all apart. I was credited the labor overlap from the warr. claim for my service and light install. Saved some cash on stuff I would have done anyway. clap.gif

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