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'09 Indy MotoGP tickets are now on sale


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Lots of fun last year. I don't know why you'd bother with reserved seating; We found General Admission seats under the awning, so we didn't even get wet!

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John Ranalletta

Which awning and location on the track? We had penthose seats at the end of the front straight, but they were too far north to see the 1st turn chicane.



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Section A, just south of the Paddock, right before the entrance to Turn 1. There was a JumboTron across from us and a bathroom right behind.

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I was in stand J section 1 row CC seat 8, I could see about seven turns and watch them head down the S/F line.

About 30 people from the Chicago Club went, we sat together for the races, but seeing the whole place is exciting and exhausting.

I certainly hope that the weather is better than last year, the was horrible going down and coming back home. Saturday though was great.

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