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Cornering clearance on a factory lowered RT


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Can anyone with personal experience comment on cornering clearance issues with the factory lowered RT? Specifically, will someone who likes to attack 25 mph corners at 45-50 find happiness? Or would it be nothing but frustration?

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I always wondered about the cornering clearance, too. My wife is itching for a new bike and is interested in the low version RT if she can get a good solid planting on the ground.

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I have cornering clearance issues as it is with stock height.


Better body positioning helped me a lot with this. Consider taking a RidingSmart course, which emphasizes this skill.



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Mine is lowered 1 inch via Wilbers shocks and I occasionally will scrape the pegs on 90 degree turns. Never have had a problem in many trips to Texas Hill Country, UT, CO or western NC.


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I'm NOT a track instructor, but sure can relate to forgetting which bike your on. You should hear the sound an old Norton Tranny makes when it's downshifted and was supposed to be upshifted!

On the ride height issue, I've been wondering that as well. I custom lowered my seat to get my short legs to touch the floor, but shock time is soon and I'm considering getting lower ones for more stability when standing still. I'm not willing to sacrifice much handling for this. More input from those who've done it would be great.

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