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R1200RT CB antenna


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I used to run "Fire Sticks" (about 3 foot long) on a home made bracket. They work very well but it is important to make sure you can connect it to a good ground plane.

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Or you can do what I did after fighting the lack of ground plane, not lack of ground but ground plane, for a year. I got a Firestick "no ground plane" antenna and mounted it on a mounting bracket attached under the top case. Works great. End of problem. I highly recommend the no ground plane antenna. Cycle Gadgets has that antenna. I got the mounting bracket from Sierra Electronics.



Dan Forker




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The FireStick is going to be the lowest impact/easiest installation wise. You just need a mount for it. Dual (co-phase) FireSticks will improve performance due to ground plane issues. The version w/o the tuneable tip will be more of a PITA to setup, but less likely to fall out of tune in the long run. I've seen some pics of mounts on this site and elsewhere.


If you've got a in-house radio shop at work they might to give you some guidance too.


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Can you show some pictures of the antenna and bracket? The last thing I need to do to complete my J&M install is to get an antenna and a way to mount.



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