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New Bill Mayer Saddle


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On Monday, I rode up to Rocky Mayer's shop in Ojai. I left Long Beach at 6AM to make the 100-mile trek by 8AM.




A few hours later I was sittin' pretty!






This is my second Bill Mayer saddle. The fit and finish are top-notch, and the tailor made fit is perfect. As requested, the new saddle adds about 1/4 - 1/2 inch in height. Mounted in the low position, the seating position is perfect for me. In keeping with the KISS principle, I chose plain black vinyl over basketweave or leather. Aesthetically, the simplicity of it better matches the lines of the GT.

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Nice, Rocky's gang made a pair of leather saddles for my RT 2 years ago and they are holding up great and more comfortable than ever. Great service at a resonable price. Enjoy!




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The saddles look great. I have been in contact with them about making me a saddle that will be confortable plus put me lower to the ground. They say they can do both. I wonder if anyone has any experience with their lower saddles.

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The saddles they made me are lower than stock. My inseam is 32" and they were able to get the seat low enough so that I am flat footed. Here's some pics of the seat, you'll notice that it is dipped more than pbbeck's.






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I was actually on the verge of ordering a Sargent. My brother really likes the Sarge on his GT, but I would have needed to order a front and rear. With heat, that would have been >$800. I never ride two-up, so I was reluctant go that way.


At the Long Beach Motorcycle Show, I was pleased to see Rocky exhibiting there. I took advantage of the 20% show discount he offered. Bottom line... my custom solo saddle with rear covered to match, came in at $370. That's a steal!


On my 2005 RT, Rocky was able to achieve an effectively lower seat height by sculpting and contouring the forward edges of the seat. I don't recall it actually being lower, which is a good thing. Too low a saddle would further restrict leg room. On the GT, I was in the opposite situation. Ground reach was not an issue, but leg room was. I am glad I could get a slightly higher seat without losing ground reach.




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