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Factory Heated Seat


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I have two questions:


1. Does anyone know where the factory plug is for the heated seat option? We didn't have them when the bikes were purchased, but we just received our new heated replacement seats. I can't find the plug?


2. Does the Canbus system need to be re-flashed in order to recognize the new heated seat?


thank you



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It's underneath the seat on the left side between the frame and the fender on my RT. I didn't think you could just add seats. Does your handgrip have the switch? The rear seat has it's own switch, but the front seat has the switch on the handgrip.

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If your bikes got ordered w/o the heated seat option they probably don't have the switch (located where the headlight switch was on R1150RT-P) or the part of the harness that would go from the bike's harness to the seat. Also, from what I've read, yes... they do need to put the bike on their scanner and tell it that it now has heated seats.


Or did they get ordered with heated seats but somehow the seats were switched out with non-heated before you took delivery?



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It's a police model that came with the two level switch on the right handlebar. It's a solo seat so nothing for a passenger.


I'll pull the left side panel back and look again. I didn't see anything when I took a "peek" but then again there's a mess of other wires for all of the radar and extra E-lights.






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Maybe a picture or two would help?


Here is the connection for the front seat heat. Facing forward on the motorcycle, these connections are on the left frame rail.




Here is the connection for the rear seat heat. Facing forward on the motorcycle, this connector should be just to the rear of the front seat connection.




You will also need two connecting cables. Attached, please find the two images. Somewhere on the packaging you will find the BMW part numbers.






Finally, to be sure that your electronics package includes the capability to run heated seats, you should see this switch on the right handgrip.




Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.



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Thanks for the info, I found it. It was located where you said, but it was wrapped in black electrical tape around the main harness. BMW should get an award for being able to hide the obvious!


AND, yes it does not work. The bike needs to be told it's there. My partner told me what it cost.


About $300 for the seat and another $40 for the extension wire. I don't know how hard it is, or what the dealer is going to charge to wake up the outlet.


I really can't get past the extension wire. Now, the way I figure it they should have just made the wire coming off the seat sixteen inches longer? That really is criminal!

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The extension wire is there so that when you're accessing the space under the seat and the seat falls from your hand, tearing the connector off, you're replacing a wire, not a wiring harness. DAMHIK

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It is not really $40 for the wire.


It is $2.00 for the wire and $38 for time it took the committee to approve the part entering the supply chain, the entry into the computer system. The shipping of the part to 300 dealers world wide, the computer system to allow its ordering, and etc.





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