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I have an r1100rt and found an r1100s for sale

I would like to know the differences? I understand the engine is the same but does it ride similar?

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In 2004 I went from a 99 R1100RT to a 2004 R1100s. They are really two different bikes. Here is my take on the two.


R1100RT Pros: Wind protection, More upright seating, can really do 1K mile days, good 2 up bike

R1100RT Cons: Weight in the twisties, less airflow (a factor here in GA summers)

R1100S Pros: 50 lbs lighter, More forward lean (I prefer), quicker steering, more airflow above chest, 6 speed transmission

R1100S Cons: Could only do 600 mi days, not passenger friendly.


Once I got the 1100S set up to fit me with a new seat, peg lowering kit and Wilbers shocks I prefered it to the R1100RT except when I had to do long periods on the slab. That had me wishing for my old RT. The R1100S is a great bike if you ride solo most of the time.



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I was thinking about it as another bike and maybe down the road if the seating position was not to high maybe my wife would ride it some as well.

I guess i am going to have to take a drive and go look at it!

thank you Chris


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At one point I had both an R1100SBX and an R1100RT in the garage. The S was much more "fun" to ride, especially if you like to go fast. The RT, far more comfy to ride far on, while maintaining some of the fast stuff.


My issue with the S was that I have a 34 inch inseam and I could not bear to sit on it for more than about 100 miles at a time because of the kink in my legs.


I wish I could have been more comfortable on the bike because it was a sweet ride.

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