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TN Route Suggestion


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Headed to Georgia Rally in May. We would like to ride along the Ocoee, coming from Sewanee. BUT, we want to avoid Chattanooga and have ridden Hwy 30 to death. Any suggestions on a different route?



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Glen, whatever route you pick, dropping down off the mountain in Sewanee to Cowan is truly fun. Tight switchbacks all the way.

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It seems like from Sewanee all roads lead thru Chattanooga. I am sure you are familiar with TN 156 to South Pittsburg, not too bad. I haven't been along that road to Haletown and along Hwy 41/64, but looks like it might be interesting along the river. But still you end up thru Chattanooga. Hate those interstates!


Let me know if you fine out a better way - I live in Murfreesboro and take some of the same roads you do.


Good luck!



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Hard to find a way to Blairsville via the Ocoee that doesn't include Chattanooga. I was along the Ocoee yesterday ... water spigot is turned off and the lake is just a slough. The river was interesting with no water in it, and the road was just as twisty and crowded as usual.


I ride a lot up to Whitwell (have a daughter there) and would suggest a more southern route.


-Cross the Tennessee River at South Pittsburg

-CR 90 to Hwy 301

-Pick up GA136 in Trenton and take it all the way to Resaca

-In Resaca, take 225 to Chattsworth

-Take Old Rt 2 over Fort Mountain to Elijay (a much better ride than the Ocoee IMHO)


-Then take HWY5/515 north and west over to Blairsville

OR - for lots more fun

-Take 515 to Blue Ridge, pick up 60 to Suches and Wolf Pen Gap to 129 and north to Blairsville.


GA 136 is a good road ... scenic with a couple of switchback sections that are really well engineered with great banked turns. The ride over Ft Mtn is great on the western side of the peak and is pretty good on the easter side. 60 to Suches and Wolfpen are legends ... I'm sure you've ridden all these before.


The biggest towns you will encounter are Chattsworth with 2 traffic signals and Elijay with 2 ... a couple more in Blue Ridge.


IF you do the Suches loop, the total is 211 miles ... skip that part and it's only 184.


There is an also an interesting little short cut from 515/Elijay area to the middle of RT 60 call Rock Creek Road. It is unpaved for just a couple of miles and the greasy gray clay turns to snot when wet, but is nice if dry. This road has one 20 yard section of 'washboard' that is the worst I've ever ridden over, so slow is recommended. It brings you out on 60 at Dial, so most of the fun part of 60 into Suches still awaits.


Ride this route and you will be ready to pitch a tent at the rally and take a break.


If you decide to go through Chattanooga ... Suck Creek Road from Whitwell to 27 on the north side is a hoot!!



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Glen, whatever route you pick, dropping down off the mountain in Sewanee to Cowan is truly fun. Tight switchbacks all the way.


Been riding that road since 2004 and I have to echo David's thoughts. That road is just awesome. Don't forget to stop at Sernicola's at the RR tracks in Cowan. Great little Italian lunch spot. :)



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