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Cheapie bike 2 bike (part 2)


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Some of you may recall I was looking for a really-low-budget bike 2 bike alternative. Well, here is what I've discovered: Autocoms are on sale. It should arrive tomorrow. :-)


However: These Midland GMRS radios looked pretty promising (http://www.midlandradio.com/comersus/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=5553). They're available at REI, they're "waterproof", and for an extra $50 you can get a motorcycle helmet headset. (http://www.midlandradio.com/comersus/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=4178)


Given the price and the limitations, it still added up to purchasing the autocom (for me). If someone else tries the Midland setup with the helmet headset, I'd be interested to hear a review.

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The radios may be fine but the weak link in these cheapie "solutions" has always been the headset. And that headset looks suspiciously like the MotoComm Headset/PTT/etc that utilizes tiny little "keyboard/mouse" type mini-din plugs, with tiny little pins that bend and break the first time you plug them in, and has poor shielding and audio quality at speed. After looking at many of these, I've come to the conclusion that most "cheapo" headets offered by GMRS mfgrs and cheap intercom mfgrs are all made by the same company. If I'm wrong, somebody edumacate me.



Edit: And, Elkroger, you made the right choice! Thats where I ended up after trying the cheapo solutions.

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My brother and I bought the previous model (Midland GXT 800) with full face headsets and have had good luck with them. I have since installed Starcom Advanced with their headset and now use earbuds to use with the Midland after getting a Zumo but my brother still uses just the Midland with their headset. We tested the distance on the interstate once and max range was about a mile line of site traveling about 80 mph. I ride a 1150rt and my brother has a K1200s. They started acting strange once so I called about a fix and it was bad batteries that came with the unit so they sent out new ones but most of the time I just use rechargeable AA's

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I have tried using a set of Motorolas at times but I cannot get the VOX to work as the windnoise screws it up. I used the earbuds and the little dongle mic though.


I just dont communicate with anyone when I ride now. Cellphone works through Zumo Bluetooth except for microphone that I am still looking for, any suggestions?

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