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Tire wear patterns


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I've got 6k on my second set of PR2s. Both tires have a very pronounced bump in the center, I assume because I have not ridden straight long enough.


On my original Z6s the wear pattern was a squaring off.


So, assuming I'm going to get about the same mileage from both, is it better from a handling/predictability perspective to have the squaring off or the center ridge. I don't remember how my Z6s felt at the end.


I think I need a tire that's in between these two, then it should wear round. :-)


BTW, I have the B fitment on the PR2 rear, and I think the middle bump is worse on these than the regular fitment. They both howled a lot from about 2k on.


I'm 300lbs, and usually carrying 50lbs of stuff. This last 6k I didn't have the pillion much.


My apologies for the graphic quality. :-)



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krussell, neither wear pattern is desired but both are pretty normal.. In both cases you will get a handling variance as you lay the bike over & the square edge touches the pavement..


What ever tire has the most rubber left in the middle is probably the best as at least you have some tire remaining under you..


On the tire with the raised center you can spin it up on the bike then re-shape it with a right angle grinder with a 60 grit disk on it.. Won’t have a prefect contour but you can make then a lot better & not have that pronounced square edge after re-shaping..





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Yes, normal for the front. The front tire sees the most stress while cornering so the sides wear faster. The rear tire sees most of its stress from powering/accelerating the bike so it tends to wear in the center.

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