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Maintain warranty

Alan D

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Is your warranty still in effect if you do the maintenance yourself?


I can change motor, transmission and final drive oil, tires, adjust valves, change batteries, sync TBs change brakes and bleed brakes. I've done all of that on my current bike. I'm about to purchase a used bike that is still under warranty. I'd like to service it myself and keep the warranty.

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Alan, by law they can’t deny you warranty coverage because you did the maintenance yourself but what BMW does & what you are entitled to are sometimes up for debate..


Basically as long as you document all your work including dates done & vehicle mileage then use products that meet BMW’s requirements you shouldn’t have any problems but BMW’s track record isn’t the best here so you might have to jump through hoops or seek legal advise to get full coverage from BMW..


A lot depends on your local dealer support as they can make or break your warranty claims so if they are a helpful dealer you probably won’t have any issues..


A lot of us do our own BMW maintenance so trust that we can work out any warranty issues should they occur..




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