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I got fleas, HELP!


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My dogs are covered with fleas and I need to bomb the house and backyard. I did give them all a good flea bath and bombed the house a week ago and it worked very temporarily. I forgot that in order to do it right, I have to nuke the back yard too.


So what's the best thing to do for the back yard? Is there a nuclear strength product I can get at Home Depot or is this something I have to call a professional for? The yard is small, maybe 2,000 sq ft.


Thanks in advance,



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This will call for a long term strategy.

Eliminate now.

Treat dogs now.

Provide dogs w/appropriate resources (pills) that future exposure will result in dead fleas and infertile offsprings (for the fleas).

I'm a bit OOD with current meds, but someone will pipe in.

The EPA (I think) has reduced the availability of some toxins.

Last time, years ago, I used a permethrin (sp?) treatment that was a concentrate, being phased out at the time (too strong?).

I would look for somehthing that has that in it because it worked.

I treated everything, we moved out for 2 days.

I followed up w/various pesticides and started the dog on Frontline (var.)

That was that.

Good luck, see you Saturday.

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we use frontline and pills if required. frontline seems to work pretty good. our lawn is flea treated as necessary when it's fertilized. good luck.

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Oh, I forgot.

All this will kil 'em now, but there are eggs that will survive and hatch for another cycle of infestation that needs to be dealt with also.

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Frontline and Advantage are amazingly effective. You can spray your yard with dursban, now and again in 2 weeks to knock down the worst of the infestation. But if you use either Frontline or Advantage on your animals monthly, you will not have any fleas. If you treat your animals, my experience is that you will not need to bomb your house.


This stuff is so good that pet store chains were almost forced out of business when they became commonly available......The profit from flea bombs disapeared overnight, killing off a big chunk of there money.

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We use Advantage on our flea magnet (Golden Retriever), and have never had a problem with fleas. Our neighbor use flea collars, and her poor mutts scratch and suffer constantly. I.e., flea collars and powders are useless. Get Advantage or Frontline (which also controls ticks).

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Nice n Easy Rider

+6 on the Frontline. Just make sure you apply it as directed. On a long-haired dog you want to move the hair aside so that you deliver it to the skin rather than just getting it on their hair. I also think they recommend putting it on the dog's back between the shoulders so the dog won't be able to get it off easily by rolling, etc (I think the liquid on their skin probably has a funny feeling to it). Also, check and make sure that you can use the Frontline if you gave them a flea bath recently. The active ingredients may not mix well and could overload their liver if enough is absorbed. I would bomb the house again before using the Frontline. Once the fleas decide the dogs are poor hosts you'll begin looking like a more attractive meal. Good luck..

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Hope you have had luck with getting rid of the fleas....

The year all the hurricanes hit FL I had a similar problems with ticks! It was like something out of the Twilight Zone... :eek:



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For infestations in carpet spreading a boric acid granulated product on and sweeping it in will stop the cycle....I think it kills the eggs....One product is called Natural Magic that is available at pet stores.....Used it and it works....FrontLine also on the animals on a regular basis..............

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Another item that worked very well for us in the carpet was regular borax soap (you know, 20 mules team stuff). We'd bombed the house and the dogs and the fleas had come back--the bombs are not very effective on eggs. We used borax on the carpet and it took care of the eggs. Haven't had a problem since.



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Damn! :eek:

And I thought I just had a simple case of "jock itch" since I installed the Big Mak bag I bought from you Bill :rofl:


Seriously, if it is that bad, bring in an expert...they have superior weapons in their arsenal of chemicals :thumbsup:

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