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Thanks Phil and Cool-Jamie (First Responder class)


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A few years ago now, I attended Jamie's (KMG_365) First Responder/First Aid course. And again last summer, this time Phil's (1bmwfan) class. For those not familiar, it's not a CPR class. Instead it focuses on what you can do to help in an emergency situation, from preparedness to triage to basic aid techniques. The class addresses some motorcycle-specific issues, but the knowledge taught is relevant to all.


This morning at our local skate park, a young teen had a pretty bad fall on his bike at high speed, resulting in head injury and extended loss of consciousness. Another father called 911, and I sat with the boy, holding his hand and talking to him, and once he regained some level of consciousness, tried to comfort him and keep him still until the pros came. Once the fire team arrived I switched my attention to the boy's younger brother, who was pretty upset. Hopefully the injured kid is going to be ok with a few scars to show his buddies, but it was a pretty scary situation, particularly for an average person like me.


Without a doubt, it was Phil and Jamie's classes that helped me remain level-headed and to know where to be. I felt like I knew what to look for, and what not to be concerned about. Most important is that while I didn't actually DO much, those classes gave me confidence that what little I was doing was just the right thing.


I'm posting this here for two reasons:


First, a heartfelt thank you to Phil and Jamie for volunteering your time and knowledge. You and your peers help people all the time on the job, but here's first-hand knowledge that your more indirect efforts have a direct impact on people's lives as well.


Second, I want to encourage those who can to attend one of these classes. It looks like Phil is holding one on April 18 at A&S in Roseville. I'll be there. I don't know if there are other areas that have similar events, but if there is something in your area, please, avail yourself of it.

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Sebastian, Wow, thank you.


I take great satisfaction in the knowledge that a difference is made in a positive way through some action of this family we call BMWST. It is this "event" that energizes me to continue to put forth the efforts.


I am prayerful for the ability to share information and prayerful for the positive outcome of a negative moment we encounter. It is through our actions that we impact our world in a positive way.


Thanks!!! And, yes, I will be doing another class in April through A&S. More to follow in Ride and Event Planning. Tech Day too!!!!!!

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