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I'm a teeny weeny little bit American now !


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How come !?

Well, my niece Carmen, whom a number of you know, passed her US Citizenship 'exam' last week and now is a Real American Citizen !


Since she's my favorite niece and I was and am her 'subsitute father' after her own father tragically died, I think that puts me just that tiny little bit closer to all of you too....


Hurraay for Carmen (with Jacqueline here) !!!



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Speaking of a teeny weeny American :rofl:


Hi, Jacqueline :wave:



Ouch !!!


And, oh yeah ......


Hi Louise !!!


And does this now make Nina a DOUBLE teeny weeny American ??? Well, more like double teeny weeny........ ?





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Congratulations, Carmen, and thank you for the honor to us it is every time someone decides we are worthwhile. Welcome to our little corner of the world!


And Francois, you may not be full-fledged legal American, but you sure do believe in a lot of the things we like to think we do; you'd fit right in. You and your family are welcome in my house any time, and I don't say that to just anyone.



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Coming from you that's a big compliment Kent, thank you :) And if we'd ever make the move 'west' I am pretty sure we'd wind up in Washington State, too. Of all the places I've been so far in the US and Canada it appeals most to me.... maybe because it resembles Norway so much, another one of my favorite places. :)


Carmen, on the other hand, thinks Florida is cold at times... go figure .... :rofl:

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