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new tires, now new brake noise


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i had some new tires installed today at a reputable shop here in santa clara. i had them remove and install the wheels as a convenience to me. when i got home, and pushed my bike into the garage i noticed the sound of the brakes against the front wheel disc was noisier than usual. its always rubbed a little bit, but not quite like this.


while looking through my haynes manual i notice every torque setting listed except for the front wheel axle. any suggestions why the front pads are rubbing after a tire change, and is this something which will adjust itself out in time? should i ride it or have it inspected? i know you are mostly do it yourselfers, but well...some of us arent.


thanks in advance.

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Back all the bolts off so they are loose and retorque them in the order and to the spec stated in your owners manual, Not a clymer manual because the order is different. I had the same issue, after the third disassembly to check I found that minor difference in the manuals. The noise was still there although not as loud. That was 6K ago, all is fine.

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