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Pantsing the Constitution


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But Greg, how could you be against such ordinance?

Didn't you read that... "the ordinance was an attempt to save all the children we can." :rofl:




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Councilman Kenneth Stokes sponsored the saggy-pants ordinance. He said many of the young men who wear saggy pants also get in trouble at school or with police.


Hey, he might be on to something. I've heard that Charlie Manson had notoriously droopy drawers.

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"In these neighborhoods, they're showing their naked behinds,"


You would think an existing ordinance about mooning would cover this. :/

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Calvin  (no socks)

I say, Rejoice that they have underwear....


I saw a Plumber last week... that image is forever implanted in my brain... ugh...


Lets ban butt crack exposure with an ammendment and physical enforcement. Re: Wedgee to the offender on the spot enforcement. Now enter the amount of exposure that is considered non offensive and make laws to deal with the constitutionality of the adjustments.(insert smile here if applicable)

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Such ordinances are not new.


"The beach community of 37,000 north of West Palm Beach is hardly alone in trying to crack down on a street style that originated in the prison system, where belts are banned as a security risk. Cities such as Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte, N.C., have considered imposing fines on anyone who lets his drawers show, while Flint, Mich., and some Louisiana parishes have local laws similar to Riviera Beach's. And the city authorities had a strong voter mandate for the curb: 72% of voters in a local referendum called for a ban on saggy pants."

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You must be an anarchist, Greg. ;) Any good Statist, regardless of party affiliation, knows that continuously writing more and increasingly tougher laws is always the answer to saving lives, teaching morality, or bringing honor to the Home of the Free and the Brave! :rofl:

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