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Oddments Tray


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I've heard that the storage bin on the 1150 can be swapped with one from the 1100 to gain more storage area. I've looked at the fiche and see some different part numbers for the "oddments tray" (1100) and the "upper and bottom part of the radio partition" (1150 and 1100). I can't tell from the exploded view if they are truely different or worth the effort and cost.


Any opinions?

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3 years ago, the dealer told me the "Glove box" cost about $125 dollars. Compared to "Free", I just didn't see the advantage. Good Luck!

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Hi 2wheelterry,

Good to have you around.

I posted the same query not very long ago. Some very vague answers.

I went and made a direct comparison between the 1100 and the 1150 and cant see any obvious differences. Shame really, as there is quite a lot of space not used under the plastic.



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I did the switch 4 years ago. The opening is wider and I believe there was a bit more volume. The pain was in switching the sealing rubber. If your careful, it is a good switch. Believe the part is quite a bit less than that at chibmw.


Have fun.

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Just to close this out...


I bought a different upper portion of the glovebox to get a wider opening. It looks like it fits as well as the old, but with a bigger mouth. Its PN 65142306602, expidited from Germany for a total cost of $12.47. clap.gif

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