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Difficult starting of the engine.


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Difficult starting of the engine.


I have bought my motorbike bmw r 850 rt for little money some years ago because it was crashed.

I fixed and pot it together part by part. I was in Marooco with it.

But now I have problems with starting the engine. But only when the engine is cold (every morning).

The start choke for starting of cold machine is working correctly.


Can anybody help me ?

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The "choke" mechanism is really just a fast idle as your motorcycle is fuel injected and doesn't require a "choke" in the traditional form, the injector computer takes care of that. All the choke cable does is set the throttle a little faster. There's a very good chance that this cable has stretched a bit and it may not be working the way it is supposed to.


If you're really having trouble starting it cold, first thing you may want to do is to put new spark plugs in it. If that doesn't help much, you'll probably need to a little tune up. There are some good article on adjusting vavles and setting the throttle mechanisms, just do a search on those or visit http://www.ibmwr.org/r-tech/airheads/ as a good starting point.

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Its pretty rare that these bikes require new spark plugs. I don't change plugs at anything short of about 50K miles unless I am experimenting for some reason.


Most cold start problems come from misadjusted or misused cold start lever or throttle housing.


Here is the drill for cold weather.


Bike on stand (center if you have it.) or balanced between you feet with the side stand up.

Transmission in neutral

Kill switch in the run positin.

Engage the fast idle lever to the maximum and hold in place against the spring

Turn on the ignition switch till that dash lights up and wait 5 seconds

Press the starter button without doing anything to the throttle.

Hold until the motor catches or about 5 seconds or so.

If no start in 5 seconds, release the starter button and switch off again.

Wait a few seconds, switch on and repeat the pause, press button.

The motor should light off.


It is not unusual or a sign of anything wrong for the motor to require a few turns of the crank to get started on a cool morning. Gas is reluctant to evaporate, oil is cold and slowing down the motor as well as the cold weather pulling down the battery capacity a bit.

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Good catch, David.


Yes, by all means pull in the clutch.


I do this every time I start the bike, hot or cold. So much that I no longer think about it.


Its kinda the same as putting up the side stand. When I straighten the bike up, the foot just automatically kicks the thing back.

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