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So Cal Moto Coffee Tuesday Nite?


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Yep, I think I'll be able to brave the mid-seventies temps to join you all. How about it So Cal members? 7:00 p.m. at the Koffee Klatch in San Dimas is the place. Hope to see a big group on Tuesday evening.




Steve in So Cal

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I'd love to... but...


My father in law passed away early Monday evening :cry:, and I'm scrambling to even get the evening off to be home with my dear wife.


A nod to my father in law. A man rich in family values, loved his Lord, a long time Hughes engineer, and gave me the wife I've had for 28 years. He was in his 80's, and was at home with those he loved in his last days. I hope I can be so blessed. We know we shall see him again.


Once again, I'm out...



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