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Full moon Saturday


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I wish I had seen this post earlier; we were driving to dinner last night and spotted the lovely, HUGE, moon. I said to Russell I wished I had the camera! I would have been prepared had I seen this sooner! :-)


It was really pretty over Temecula. The winds have blown all the dust and smog away, and the moon came up over the snow dusted mountains in the east. Gorgeous.


(I know, without pix...!)

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Joe Frickin' Friday

We had snow ALL DAY yesterday, got a good ten inches on the ground by the time it got dark. Around 11 last night we were watching the news and they mentioned a "perigee moon," the closest the moon will be this year. We peeked outside the curtain, and WOW, the skies had cleared completely and there was this screaming bright moon up in the sky. With fresh, white snow on absolutely everything, the scene was amazingly bright, with sharp shadows on everything. Very cool to see.

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