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Was there ever an ignition coil SB or recall?


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The reason I'm asking.. there is a chap in Israel who sells BMW parts on Flea-Bay, and I recently purchased a complete set of 4 R1200## coils from him ($41+$10 shipping).. New, the coils list for > $100 each. When they arrived last night, it appears they are used (lightly), and in looking at the markings on them, they have "era" on each one.


On the BMW cage side of the road - there is an extended warranty on all the I-6 engines from around 2002-2005 for "era" ignition coils. If one fails, the dealer is instructed to replace ALL the coils (current brand is Bosch, but ATE has also been seen..)


Since aside from the low-voltage side connector, the coils I received appear identical in design to the cage coils (that I've had replaced twice on one BMW cage and once on the other..), I'm just curious if there was a recall on them on the bikes. I haven't bothered looking to see if the '07 R12R has "era" coils in it, but I might get to that tonight. In any case - I'll throw one of the primary plug coils in my tool pouch to invoke Eilenberger's Law of Spares ("You never need the part you have..")

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Don, I haven’t ever seen a coil service bulletin on the 1200 BMW but that’s not to say there isn’t one..


I though that on the BMW automotive side the bad coil batch were the Bremi coils not the ERA.. I know at one time BMW had problems with the Bremi coils..


There is/was something going on with the BMW R1200xx coils as both the angled & the straight coil had a part number change in mid to late 2007.. Again,, not sure if that was just a vendor/supplier change or to rectify a coil failure problem..


I haven’t seen much as far as 1200 ign coil failures but the late 1150 twin spark seemed to have some COP failures.. Thing is,, I don’t know if the coils just up & failed or the failure occurred from improper coil removal or using non OEM plugs with larger electrode gaps..


If you do find anything on a possible BMW 1200 coil failure service bulletin or recall please post it here..





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Your memory is better than mine! The bad cage coils were Bremi, and they were replaced by ERA..




So, I'm guessing the dude in Israel is a wrecker (junkyard).. and hopefully these coils were simply off a wreck. I had seen the PN change and figured it might be a SB change, but hopefully that wasn't the case.


Funny thing - back when they first intro'd the COP design (M50 engines around 1991) - they came with Bosch coils. The Bosch coils had problems, and were replaced with.. Bremi.

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