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R1200RT Ride Report


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I have to admit I really love this bike. Traded in the 04 R1150RT (which I really liked) for this bike. I'll never look back. This bike is better in every way. I just had the 600 miles service done. Noticed the power, smoothness, comfort, everything just keeps getting better.


Thanks for listening,



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cool.gif Short but sweet.


Much has been said about the changes / improvements over the previous RTs. and a friend asked me today for some direct comparisons, which I wrote and repeat here. My previous ride was a '99 R1100RT.


The most obvious changes I have picked up are:

  • You can really feel the 22% increase in power and torque.
  • The bike is perceivably lighter and drops more easily into corners
  • The build quality is improved a lot
  • The new screen is a lot higher
  • The pannier volume is identical, but the inside shape is more regular, resulting in more useable space.
  • The new small topbox is smaller than the old one, but interestingly holds a helmet easily, while the old one didn't.
  • The sidestand position is better - more stable and less likely to involve boot burns
  • The under-seat space is reduced - can't fit a tyreweld anymore
  • The fairing and panels are much easier to remove - most things are more accessible
  • You don't need to remove the tank to access the battery!
  • The new automatic choke is cool, and there are many more gadgets to play with
  • The ESA really works, and works well
  • At 200+ km/h, the bike is far more stable
  • The new seat is a little narrower than my old "comfort" seat

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I agree with all of your points...except...I like the old saddlebags (paniers) better. For me, they are easier to operate and load. Just my opinion.



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What is "tyreweld"? Is it a tire plug kit? I'm here trying to learn about BMW's.


An emergency tyre repair thing. An aerosol can that injects a foam that will seal any small punctures for long enough to get to a repair. You probably know it by another name.

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