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POLL: Small Gathering in southwest Wisconsin?


Would you be interested in attending a scheduled gathering in southwest Wisconsin near the Mississippi River for April/May/July 2009?  

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It's not the vistas of Blue Ridge Rendezvous, the panoramas of Torrey, or the changing landscape of the UnRally, but...


There are some pretty interesting roads (both paved and gravel/dirt) in southwest Wisconsin, northwest Illinois, northeast Iowa, and southeast Minnesota, surrounding the northern Mississippi River. The riding is not comparable to some of those other gatherings due to elevation and deserts, but the "four corners of the midwest" area I described above has its share of some fine winding back-country roads through forested valleys and ravines, not to mention the ride up and down the old Miss. Those who have ridden them know what I mean. Plus, not everybody can take the time off required or endure the sometimes overwhelming miles to make those other events. And why does anyone really need to rationalize a reason to get together with riders and enjoy a weekend of festive riding and visiting with friends, both old and those new we haven't met yet?


So let's hear from those who would be interested in a small gathering. I've talked with the owner of a small motel/lounge in the area with 14 double rooms we could block for reservations. And, there's a campground a half-mile away in town where we could have a bonfire, etc., that is willing to host a small gathering. The motel/lounge owner even offered to gather firewood for a bonfire.



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Sounds like a nice idea. i voted for an April gathering because the Minnesota owners association rally is in May down in Houston MN and my July is filling up.

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Count me in! Southeast Minnesota is the cheapest Vermont vacation you can find. Wooded bluffs, clear flowing streams, winding roads and the Mighty Mississippi right in the middle.




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Sounds like great fun. SW Wisconsin is a well kept secret. Lots of well paved twisty roads and little traffic.


Thanks for getting this together.

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Dave in Doodah

I have a busy summer, but am planning on riding to the AMA Vintage Cycle Days in Ohio at the end of July. If I could combine the trip, it would be very doable.

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It's looking like there is enough interest and that there is practically a 50/50 on either May or July. I hesitate on July simply because the roll of the dice could get you a weekend with 90°+ with high humidity which will make everyone want to stay in their room in the air conditioning. I also wanted to make sure this wasn't scheduled close to Torreys, BRRs or the UnRally so it doesn't conflict with any of those other events. I am calling the motel owner this week to discuss what weekends he has mostly available without any reservations yet to block it for us. I'll keep this thread up to date.

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I think Spring can be a bit early in the year with snow flurries often into the first week of May, but fall along the Miss can be incredible.

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