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I joined this forum about 4 years ago when I was researching what bike to get as a first bike - at age 56. Now I am back, having just purchased my second bike, a slightly used '09 R1200RT.


Despite warnings from many to buy an old beater for a first bike, I bought a leftover '05 Ducati Multistrada. Quite simply, it was a very good decision. So far mishap free, I have had so much fun riding over 20,000 miles in three short (Vermont) seasons, including several weekend runs and two weeklong trips over 2,000 miles - solo to Natashquan, Quebec (where the road ends on the north shore of the St. Lawrence, just south of Labrador see blog: http://mymultiworld.blogspot.com/), and with some friends to Cape Breton, NS.


The bike has been 100% bullet proof


This Fall, I flew out to Scottsdale and spent a week riding around northern Arizona on a rented RT. I liked the bike, more of a straight out touring bike, although it performed surprisingly well in the many twisties we rode. The RT will serve me better on an 8000+ mile cross country ride planned for this summer, and will encourage my wife to ride with me from time to time, as she finds the Multistrada pillion to be uncomfortable - great because I will spend more time with her and she is now implicated in the purchase decision.


I plan to sell the Multistrada panniers, topcase, etc and return the bike to its roots as an "old man's sportbike". I won't sell the bike, because it is so much fun, especially on all the great mountain roads up here in VT/northern NY, and because it is a meaningfully different experience than the RT - and it is my beloved first bike.


I look forward to learning more about BMWs on this site, and getting the perspective of the other members.


Best regards,



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Welcome aboard RB. You will find a great bunch on this forum. We will look forward to hearing a lot more from you.Best of luck with your RT. :clap:

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Congratulations on your new bike and your enjoyment of your Ducati without mishap. :thumbsup:


Too bad we won't see you at the Un. Be sure to wave at this bunch of hoons if you happen to see us headed East. :wave:

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