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Kidney Cancer?


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I am sorry to hear of your sister's illness. I'm sure this is very distressing news for her and your entire family.


There is real reason for hope though. Stage II disease means that the tumor is large, but still confined to the capsule surrounding the kidney. Treatment for this stage usually involves removal of the entire kidney, ie, a "radical nephrectomy" which can cure the disease. The kidneys have a lot of redundancy, so she'll do fine with just one. Chemotherapy and/or radiation is not usually necessary.


Of course, not knowing any more specifics of your sister's case, these comments are generalizations. She should choose her treatment in consultation with her own physicians.


I'll add her to my prayer list.


Jay, MD (internal medicine specialist)

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My cousin just went through this 5 weeks ago. He had S2 and they removed his kidney and biopsied the lymph nodes (just in case) and it had not metastasized and he is now recovering and doing just fine.


All our best to your sister and your family. Deb and I are both cancer survivors and can only advise you all to take each day as it comes and to try not to let the journey overwhelm you.






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Sorry to hear of your sister's illness. One of my teachers was diagnosed with stage 2 kidney cancer. Docs removed kidney and some surrounding tissue. No chemo or radiation.


He is doing just fine. He skis, motorcycles, plays racquet ball and hikes, which is particularly amazing since he couldn't do any of these activities before the surgery!


All the best to your sister!


Steve in So Cal

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