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Autocom/Garmin 550 question

Dan B.

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Hello, I currently have a Garmin 550 Zumo on my R1200RT. I am wanting to purchase an Autocom unit and I have a good Idea of what connections I will need to interface the Garmin with the Autocom, However I would like to get an opinion on what lead I would need to connect the top 2.5mm output port on the garmin docking unit to the Autocom so I can speak back to the caller when my garmin has bluetoothed to my cell phone.

I understand there is a dedicated bluetooth unit offered by Autocom, howevr I was hoping to do a hardwire setup instead to save money. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dan B.

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I have my autocom hooked up to my 550 via the autocom furnished cable. I am able to understand the people that call me, but they have a real problem understanding me. I completly replaced the autocom unit & cable under warranty once, but the problem did not change. I ride a 2007 R1200RT & just use the hookup to know when someone calls me. Then I decide when I need to return the call when I stop.


























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John Bentall

You have 2 primary choices

1) Get a current Autocom 200 or 300 unit in the half-price sale and use the bluetooth part #1273 plus part $1314 or

2) Wait for the 2009 Super Pro Auto and use the hardwite cable #1299 (which is just about to have its number changed to #2190!)


No doubt others will come up with some more options.

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I use a Pro7 Autocom on my 05 RT and have it linked to my Zumo 550 with two Autocom provided leads. I have my phone paired with the Zumo and even today was able to receive and answer calls while driving around the legal limit! I initially was going to use the Autocom bluetooth system but the dealer supplied two audio leads at a fraction of the cost of the bluetooth set up. I cannot remember the part numbers but if you search the Autocom site you will find leads which give you a variety of options. My set up allows mp3 playback and phone use. It mutes and pauses mp3 player when I get an incomong call. I've been using this setup for two years on my RT without any problems.

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John, why won't the hardwire version work on the current autocom unit for input into the Zumo. I thought that was what the 2.5mm port was for on the Zumo ???



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