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Rear seal leak


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2001 R1100R with almost 29,000 miles. Is this the sign that I better get my tools out and break open the manual to pull apart the drive train? This was noticed after I returned from a weekend of spirited riding - approx 500 miles of fast/hard twisties.


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That doesn't really look horrible. Alright, its horrbile in that oil that is supposed to be inside is outside.


Cut the tywrap, peal back the boot and have a look. Probably a pinion shaft seal which can and does weep. No big deal if a couple of spoonsful of oil in there. Clean it all up, replace the tywrap with a nice shiny SS one from you local AC supply store and your done. Take another look in a couple of weeks and see which end its coming from. If its the pinion seal and only a little more is evident, I wouldn't worry. Ir its coming from the tailshaft seal on the transmission you might have more work ahead, but, I tend not to worry too much about seals weaping.

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I was going to ask the very same question. My 03R1150RT has done the same thing. Only it has happened only a few hundred miles after my 24K inspection was done. Coincidence? Ok guys, so how do we fix this problem? Pierce

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Clive Liddell


YMMV but what I would do (first):


* Get the two stainless steel hose clamps (Bring Money With) and with them nipped up - no more mess.


* Don't overfill final drive. There's a little flat area just below the bottom of the threads that is about right. Your FD may then stop weeping altogether.


BTW looking at your pic there seems to be something not quite right with the seating of the existing tie wraps (small one?) as the boot seems distorted on top to me.

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