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Crest Highway Road Condition write up

Pennys Dad

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This just a write up on the road condition on the Angeles Crest highway, just in case you where thinking of going there this weekend.


We rode up from La Canada.

First off there was TONS!! of population driving their Mini Vans and such up to the snow. The ride down was great the ride up was SLOOOOW!!.


Starting at highway maker 34 to 37, there was wash out and water run off from melting snow. On the back end of the mountain there where several ice patches some right in the curve.

The highway patrol was setup right at highway marker 35.

Otherwise the road was generally, OK.

Just keep in mind the later in the morning you go the more the Mini Van/SUV Caravan grows. This is important because the cage parade will cut over the dbl yellow to get to a view of the snow.


Happy New Year, Ride Safe.

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Just for reference. ACH is much more enjoyable in late spring to early fall. "Winter" road conditions up there are pretty sketchy.


All the Santa Monica roads fare extremely well during winter months due the proximity to the ocean and less altitude (exception being mudslides).



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Azusa Canyon and GMR pretty much about the same today. I was surprised at the number of vehicles up there today, considering there is no access to the snow from either of these roads right now.


Other than that, the roads were generally clean, with only a few apexes littered with gravel and mud.


Be careful out there...


Steve in Glendora

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