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New Years Resolutions?


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Happy New Year to everyone...


My resolutions in no particular order are:


To post more-I've been a comparative stranger around here since August.


Ride my bicycle more, and maybe be able to do a century with Eric S :thumbsup:


Achieve balance between work and home-not easy to do in a new position, but I'm gonna try!


Play my guitar more.


I'll let you know how I did in December of 2009! :clap:


Steve in So Cal

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Im going to lose 5 lbs then set another goal.

I will start my pursuit for my teachers creds so I can get out of IT and teach IT (ROFL) :)


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I am going to try and ride a motorcycle this year.



Hey Chief,


We need to do a "In Search of the Best DQ" this year...All the best to you in the new year, my friend.



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I'm going to give up meth. It's cutting into my heroin budget.


Good choice. Meth is so 2008.


Steve in So Cal

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My resolutions:


ignore the global economy, global warming, bankers, my headaches and petrol prices. :D

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John Ranalletta

To spend more time with my grandkids, showing them the little wonders of the world like the











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I resolve to be able to own a bike by the end of the year :thumbsup:


Yeah, I need to move exercise more, too.











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To be a good father. We're expecting our first child in May. My wife and I are both pretty excited, yet apprehensive as expected.


Otherwise there's the usual... lose the 20lbs I put on in the "off season". The 1500 calories I normally burn daily training for triathlons catches up, when that average falls to more like 500 in September when the days get short and I take a break from more intensive training. It's the same every year. 6 months to put it on...6 months taking it back off.


Why can't all of these feasting holidays occur in the summer when it doesn't kick my a** so much. With in-laws as such I have 3 thanksgiving meals and 2-3 Christmas meals along with New Years. Then there's freebies from vendors at work... then Office Christmas parties. It never really ends.


Ahhh...the holiday hangover around my gut.


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I resolve to not become rich.


Somehow I managed that in 2008, although I don't recall resolving to do so. :smirk:


I resolve to come out of exile and ride somewhere to commune with bmwst.com brethren. Been too long since I've seen some peeps, and past time to meet some others.



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I resolve to drink more red wine this year......because red wine is good for better health....






than scotch.

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