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My RT Shift issue may be resolved!

RT Russ

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FYI, regarding my earlier post about a shifting issue Linky . I did a bunch of work on the bike today. One of the items I did was to check the shifting linkage due to my recent shifting gremlins. The actuator lever was not all the way on the splined shaft and looked loose. I had to take a lot of stuff off to get to it and to push it back on the shaft, I had to go in with a LONG 3/8 drive extension from the rear wheel well to tap it onto the shaft. I have the rear wheel off to get the tire replaced tomorrow. I appears to be much more solid now that it is fully seated on the shaft. Hopefully this fixes my recent shifting problem. I even got to go buy some new allen bits at Sears today. Now when I put it back together I get to use my brand new torque wrench my girls gave me for Christmas. Life is good! Many thanks to Trullion, honest Bob, Philby and Twisty1 for your replies! Happy New Year to all! :wave:

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