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New to Me Stupid GS Tricks


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I had my 6K service last week, and decided to make some equipment upgrades.


First, of course, is the new BMW topcase. Guaranteed not to fall off ... and if it does, no worries!




I was intrigued by the idea of clear lenses so that the red beak wouldn't compete/clash with the orange glass. I think it's a slightly cleaner look:






And with the "R1200" sticker removed, all I need is a toaster and I'm set:




The piece-de-resistance is this TKC 80 tire, aka "My First Knobby" ... this should be interesting:



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You'll like the TKC-80s. All five of us had those on our Copper Canyon trip, and Nate's still riding the KLR with those shod on the thing.


We kept cringing as we leaned way over on pavement, riding like normal, but were just amazed at how well they held. You can get the rear all the way to the edge, but I started chickening out after that.


Off road, they make an astounding difference, especially if you drop the pressures to around 30lbs.


Be prepared to hear new noises, though, when leaned over. The knobbies set up some strange sympathetic vibrations--especially in the crash bars--that'll have you thinking everything is going to fall apart.

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