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Transmission Slipped Out of 2nd


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My '03 RT has 6800 miles. Yeah, I know, get out and ride that thing. I'm working on it.


New development with the transmission. Twice it slipped out of 2nd into neutral under hard acceleration. The distinct "thunk" I'd get shifting from 1st to 2nd doesn't always happen of late. I thought it was my shifting technique getting that much smoother but wonder if there's something that's preventing a complete shift.


I've adjusted my shifting technique to be more "assertive" with my foot, shifting 1st to 2nd. Sometimes I'll hear and feel the signature thunk; sometimes I'll hear and feel just a smooth-as-Japanese-transmission feel.


Opinions, suggestions (and questions) welcome.

Thanks, all.


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Check the shifter linkage. It might not be engaging completely.

Thanks for the tip. Easy enough to do (I assume I need only remove the aluminum panel above the exhaust pipe to gain access to the linkage).

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Check the shifter linkage. It might not be engaging completely.

Finally got around to checking the shifter linkage. Everything looks to be in order (relatively clean, snug, adjusted correctly).


The deal with the transmission is a bit irratic. Sometimes I get a definitive shift into second (the signature "thunk" sound with the feel from the shift lever that a complete 1st to 2nd gear change has happened); sometimes a less definitive shift. It's only 1st to 2nd, otherwise all other gear changes, up or down, go smoothly (well, smoothly as defined by the transmission of a boxer).


Other ideas welcome. The bike's still under warranty till February so if it turns out to be more than a simple fix, it'll be a dealer project.

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Gary...T have had the same problem..the fix was operator error..When I pay more attention to cluctch engagement and release of the cluthch, that jumping out of gear is non existant.

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You might want to have the dealer check it.

I had a "slip" of one cog after downshifting from 4th to 3rd on my 96 RT. It got so it happened every time. There would be a variable length lag before the slip of from a split second ot several seconds. It had 38K miles on it before this showed up. Over time, it got worse. I confirmed with my dealer that there is a problem with third gear that will eventually completely fail. The cure, replace the transmission (at about $2500.)


I traded the bike in and took the $2500 loss (long out of warrentee) on the R1200RT. The transmission was not the main reason but it tipped me over the edge. Once the 96 gets its new transmission, it will be back to being one GREAT bike again.

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