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2003 1150GS Adventure


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OK, So I have bought the bike. I need to get to snowy Spokane WA to pick it up. That should happen within a week or two. The bike will go directly to a shop as it needs a 30k service and a good look see by folks who know more than I.


My question, should I have any thing done to the bike while there? I plan or riding it soon, but as long as it is in the shop, what would you do? Where should I spend my hard earned cash? Also what recommendations for tank bags do you have? There are Jessie side bags on as well as well as Hella lights..


1150 GS


Thanks for the input!



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My GS what big eyes you have :Cool: How many sun power are those lights?


Only suggestions I have would be to change all fluids and pay partcular attention to the FD.

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Hey congrats on the bike! I recognize it and had seen it for sale on ADVRIder! I told Stevil that had he been closer, I'd have bought it in a heartbeat!! Unfortunately, I'm on the right coast, not the left and shipping costs would have made it not worthwhile. But it's gorgeous!! One of the nicest looking ones I've seen! Congrats again!


I do have a BMW tankbag for sale on AdvRider here:


If you have any interest, send me an email. THe bag I had from my previous bike worked and I had already electrified it, so I went with that one.


Best of luck with it! I actually just picked up an 04 GSA with <14K miles on it and super clean. I've got the Jim VonBaden maint videos and will re-do the 12K service just to have a benchmark starting point for service.


Good luck with it and congrats again!






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