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Suggestions of routes for riders approaching from the West?


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Looking for good rides/routes as we approach from out west. Say in NY, NH or Ontario.



These would be routes with some fine twisties, great scenery, or other interesting features that would make sense for riders coming either under the Great Lakes, or through (Sault St. Marie), or over them.


Wondering particularly about the Adirondacks. Looks like we could run right through that great big green splotch on the map.





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We live in Syracuse, NY (hey, someone has to) and also have a place in the Adirondacks from which we will be heading to the UNRally. I am putting together a twisty / mountain ride that begins at our place in Old Forge, NY (in the mountains). My wife and I plan on taking two lanes all the way.


I see if can figure out how to send you the route I have cobbled together. Stay in touch too!




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That didn't work. To link from Google maps using Windows:


1. Click the Link tab at the upper right side of your map.

2. Click Ctrl+C (hold CTRL and tap C)

3. In BMWST start a new post.

4. Click the link icon, the second icon from the left just above where you are typing.

5. Click Ctrl+V.

6. Press the OK button.

7. Add a title for your link.

8. Press ok.

9. Complete your post.


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I think I would head north in Whitehall NY on Rte 22... and then cross the lake at Ticonderoga... Stay on Rte 73 through VT through Brandon Gap and then pick up Rte 100... here you could go north or south... North follow up to Rte 2 east on rte 2 into NH and jump up to Lancaster or get on Rte 302 into NH then north to Lancaster. If you head south on Rte 100 once you get off Rte 73 then you could pick up 107 and join AJ's suggestion...


Problem is there are so many great roads in Vermont... you could hit some coming and others going home

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OK -- 4th Lake in Old Forge, NY is good days ride from Lancaster. My wife Kelly and I plan to leave from our place on Sunday, August 9 to make the trip. We have room for folks who come in on the 8th and Old Forge has lots of hotels / motels - but until I check with Kel, I won't know how much room we have. I'll get back to you. Please let me know if you are interested.


If you come, you will have to put up with this:



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Dude, I'll come tempt the leeches! Ask her. Are you following the pied piper thread? Basically at this point nothing is settled, but we are keeping a map of host offers, and I just proposed a route based on your suggestion, going through Old Forge. There is a pretty good chance of a group coming that way.


See what she thinks, and set your own limits. Reply in the Pied Piper thread and I'll add you to the host offer map if that's what you have in mind.





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If you are going to pass by Steve's lake home, I'd suggest that beforehand you pass thru the "Finger Lakes"! :thumbsup:


Steve... How about extending the latest route from the WEST to pick up some prime riding through the vineyards along one or more of the finger lakes.


This could also be an ideal area for the PPR to pick up any Eastern Seaboard riders.




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Posting this in a couple of places!


OK -- checked with wife and got a green light. Those passing through the Adirondacks from the West are welcome to stop and stay the night -- we plan on heading for Lancaster on Sunday, the 9th. It's 5-6 hours to Lancaster from our place.


We have sleeping room in real beds for 12 people -- a couple of more if you squeeze in a bit. If you are campers, we have room for tents too. If you are couples, one of the beds is a queen size and we have a pullout couch too. The rest are single beds / bunk beds.


I propose we have a first come / first served reservations system stopping at 10 people to see what kind of gender / couple combinations shake out.


I guess Twisties is the coordinator of the cross country travelers so I'll stay in the background for now.

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Forgot to mention, we are near Old Forge, NY -- western side of the Adironndack Park, which by the way, is the largest park in the country -- more square miles than all of Vermont! See earlier posts with links to maps.

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For scenic ride with mucho twistie sections:


From Syracuse area, I suggest you pick up Route 8 north of Utica, and take it all the way across the southern Adirondacks, to 9N north, cross the Champlain Bridge into VT north of Crown Point, take VT 17 all the way over the Appalachian Gap to Waitsfield.


Stop at French's Restaurant in Crown Point, the Bobcat Cafe or Almost Home (gourmet deli) in Bristol VT for a meal.


From Waitsfield take Rt. 100 north, work your way over to Route 2 in Montpelier and join the parade into NH and Lancaster.








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I am not certain about the correct place to post this so I'll do so in a couple of spots. I want to give two thumbs up to a wonderful learning experience you might consider weaving into you journey to the UR this August or at another time.


The course is called the Rider's Workshop and is taught / led / coached by Jim Ford. I used to be a trainer of teachers and understandably am quite critical of poor pedagogy. I would put Jim right near the top in his ability to teach motivated adults -- you ride, ride, ride with instructions radioed, modeling by Jim and occasional stops for debriefing, forecasting, etc. He loves to ride and is as smooth as silk.


Typically, the 2-day course is held on a Saturday-Sunday combination. For those of us traveling from the South or West to the UR, it would be pretty easy to work this program into the trip as you could pass very near the beginning which is near the confluence of Western Maryland, West Virginia and Southern, PA.


I took this course last year and learned more than any other course I have experienced. I believe the most powerful learning occurs at the edge of our existing competencies and Jim knows how to provide that for each learner. Although this course is not for beginners or the faint of heart, I was the least experienced rider in the class (5 in a class) and I held my own. There were folks on every kind of bike (a Bergman and a VTX1800 from Idaho!).


We rode nearly 600 miles over two days -- never on the same road twice -- and the roads, views, curves, -- all of it, was terrific.


I would be happy to answer any questions you might have so give me a PM with your number and I'll call you back. I am not affiliated with this program except as a fan of skilled riding and good teaching.


Find out all you want to know here:


Jim Ford


866-767-6900 toll free

The Rider's Workshop

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