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Texas to Florida with the family!


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I don't really want to rewrite my entire trip details, but I'll give you the skinny and let you read the details if you feel inclined to do so...


My wife has been wanting to go with our 10 year old daughter to Disney World for quite some time now. So, we've been planning the trip to the "mouse trap" for a while now. However, initially, my wife figured we would fly there. Then when she couldn't find fare that near what she wanted to spend, she decided we would drive out there. In the back of her mind, I think she always wanted to ride. But she hadn't been on any long rides and I'm not sure she thought she was up to it. However, my recent solo trip to California and back inspired her and she asked what I thought about riding the 1200 miles from Texas to Florida over Christmas? Well, it took all of about two seconds for me to agree that taking the bikes would be a great idea. Getting our 10 year old daughter to agree was a bit more problematic, but in the end, she agreed.


My wife, Teri, has a 2004 BMW 1150R, and has been riding for just over a year and half, so this was a big deal. I broke the trip down into 400+ mile days. It would be a three day trip out there and three day trip back. I took a southern route across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, into Florida, on our route there to Orlando. On the way home, I planned a more northerly route, so we would have a different route.


All told, the three of us went 2500 miles in six days, had a great time and had a fun time in Disney World as well. This is a family vacation that nobody will forget for quite some time.


I have pictures linked and more details about the trip listed in my blog I put together.





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Neat. Glad to see that you got to see more of Florida than just the Orlando area. Too many fly into Orlando, head thru the traffic to Disney, then think they saw Florida. Kind of like flying into LA, driving around the city, then thinking you saw California.

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Thanks all... I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about doing this ride with the family. Neither my daughter or wife were use to riding 8 hours a day, but as you can tell, both pulled it off without a hitch and I'm very proud of both of them!



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Give Taylor a medal! Really wonderful for Teri and her to show what they're made of on such a long trip - and to enjoy it too!


Hope you enjoyed our state half as much as I enjoy yours. Great ride tale!

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