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PC680 Battery


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I have a 6 year old PC680 Odyssey Battery in my R1100RT, I'm getting occasional flashing ABS lights on start up when it's been sitting for a week or so.


I use a Battery Tender about 50% of the time on the bike


How long do these batteries last?


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An Enersys battery such as the PC680 is rated for 8-12 years lifetime rated at constant 25C ambient. Less in extremely hot (60+C) applications. Shelf life is around 2 years, meaning a battery tender is not necessary unless you ride once a year or less.



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Shelf life is about 2 years providing the battery is not hooked up to anything. While installed in the bike there is a slight current draw to keep the RID, computer and any other accessories powered up.


I used to know what that current draw was, but I've slept since then


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By the way, I have the same battery and this last spring I was getting the occasional ABS light on start up. I rode to Alaska and back and haven't had a problem since.


Maybe your bike is nagging you to get out more ;)

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