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Looking for riding partner for Thailand.


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I am looking into a trip to the Chang Mai area of Northern Thailand. Trip would be in mid to late 2009. I have read it is one of the best places in the world to ride.


I don't mind riding alone...but think I would be safer if I had a riding buddy.


If anyone has any interest....let me know. I ride a R1200RT here in the states......but know I will have to downsize in Thailand.


I have some experience in travel and renting bikes...as I have ridden this past year in the Philippines.





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I haven't heard from one of our members in that area: SiamJim for awhile, but I suppose you could try to ping him and see if he has any ideas for you. Sounds like a fun trip and be sure to take LOTS of pics! :wave:

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Last time I heard from Siam Jim he had taken a job in Singapore. He kept his place in Chiang Mai, but I don't know if he is back there. He would certainly be a good contact. Knows all the local BMW riders. Marty - I have been in touch with Jim (PM) about riding in Thailand.

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