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Suggest rainsuit / raingear for a short guy w 30-32" inseam?


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Hi, all,


I have been scouring local motorcycle stores and on-line outlets, trying to find a new rain suit.


I need a good quality set, preferably 2-piece, that is made of nylon (not PVC) and has zippers on pant legs to allow me to put the pants on while wearing boots.


My problem, apparently, is that I am too short for current global standards. I am 5’7”, 165 lbs and wear US-sized pants 34 waist with 30 inseam.


This 30” inseam is the problem, even if I allow a couple of inches more: I looked at the Tourmaster Sentinel suits, at Firstgear offerings and at the BMW Rainlock suit. All of these pants that fit my waist (typically Large or Medium) have legs that stretch well past soles of my boots! I swear, the inseams must be 36” on them!


I need to replace my current, worn-out, 2-piece rain suit that fits me well (and I absolutely love its fit and features): part of my BMW 3-Phase set. However, this one is actually numerically sized – 42S – not a generic S/M/L.


So, anyone of you that use short-sized pants: can you recommend a rain suit for me?


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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

Are Frog Toggs PVC? I have and like those and the leg lengths don't seem to be overly long If that's not your liking, you might just buy what you like and see if a tailor cna hemm them up.

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Hi Robert-


Usually rain gear has elastic bottoms at the pant legs. So an extra couple of inches doesn't matter - it just bunches up at the boots, and the extra slack helps when you have to throw the gear over some bulky riding pants. I too have a 30" inseam (5'8") and never had a problem using the standard rain gear - looks stupid in the store, all bunched up, but out on the bike, it works perfectly.



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Are Frog Toggs PVC?

Most Frog Toggs garments are made from non-woven polypropylene, which is hydrophobic. In my book, they're the best buy out there for rain protection. Absolutely not a fashion statement, but they keep you dry when needed, pack small, don't cost a fortune, and last a long time.

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Frog Togs ROCK! They feel like a cheap paper suit, but the darned things seem to last forever and they pack down to about the size of a softball. I've got a buddy thats going on three years with his set and they still are holding up great and he's in Seattle Wa., so they get some use... They are not the prettiest girl at the party, but they get the job done.

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The new, breathable Tourmaster is excellent.

But, the aquabarrier "hood" may leave part of your neck exposed.

Also, the velcro at the collar is different than the previous generation Tourmaster. The older versiou (w/out hood) would velcro closed at your neck but leave an opening at ther rear of helmet.

The new one covers that space w/hood, but allows wind and airflow in at front (which can be cold).

The aqua barrier is not waterproof at the top of the hood, it is poly/breathable type material.

First Gear makes a good hooded jacket, but it is clammier than the Tourmaster as the hood is pvc/nylon.

This jacket works well and will keep you dry, as does the Tourmaster.

Froggs work very well, are light, stowable.

When wet and travelling at extreme speeds, you water seepage may occur.

Long is better, as are waterproof boots.

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I'm surprised the BMW Rainlock suit doesn't fit you. I'm the same dimensions and the Medium pants fit me perfectly. Don't forget when you are in a sitting position, the pants ride up a bit. Also there is a fair bit of gusseting material around the bottom which, when zippered up, will help keep the bottom of the pants against your boot.

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Hi, all:


Thanks for the suggestions.


Looks like there is a good consensus for Frogg Toggs. I'll check them out.


I do realize that pants ride up when sitting, but when I tried them at the dealer, I just got tangled in them. I am also surprised that the BMW and Firstgear pants are so much too long for me. I just checked - I did not shrink myself... ;-).


Thanks again and a Happy New Year.



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