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2005 RT, Brake Bleed, ABS Control Module- New release mechanism !!


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Well today a buddy and me were doing the brake flush on Ruby. When we got to the REAR control circuit portion, the ABS control module connector is different on the 2005 vs. 2004. On the 2004 unit the very rear of the unit separated and slid towards the back of the bike and then you lift up on the connector and it separates. Now on the 2005 unit there is a plastic bar that runs the length of the ABS control module connector on the right side of the module (front to back,2"-2.5") and the whole bar slides UP towards the top of the connector. As you are lifting up on this bar the connector comes loose so you can get it out of the way so you can bleed the unit. If you have the Advrider brake flush instructions you can go to this section and see pictures of the 2004 ABS control module connector. I hope this makes sense.

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