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R1100 RT Gas tank fastener problem


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The 5mm screw on the fwd. edge on the LH side of the gas tank will not come out (the molded-in brass stakenut is spinning in the plastic). This is the screw that is common to the radio box and the intake horn. Had to drill the head off to disassemble but still unable to get the screw out...any ideas?

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Pwerlink, you haven’t much choice now but to drill it out then run a tap in it to clean the threads up..


I have done a few & have found that grinding the screw off even with the top of nut in tank is best way to start,, then use a snap punch to get a prick mark exactly in the center of the screw,, then I use a very small long starter drill to start the hole & if necessary angel the drill & bit to work at & keep the hole in the center..


Once you have hole in the center & deep enough to get a good drill bit start use a left handed drill bit to drill the old screw out.. If you are lucky as you get close to screw tap size & deep enough the left hand drill bit will catch & simply back the cored screw right out.. If not keep drilling until you are at tap size..



BE DARN SURE TO USE A POSITIVE DRILL BIT STOP so you don’t drill too deep & drill into the gas tank below..


Now as for the insert spinning.. Yep I have seen a few do that & usually just allow them to spin.. If the new threads are cut correctly & smooth the new screw will usually screw in & tighten even if the insert can spin.. If you can’t get to that point you will have to try to drill along side the insert in a couple of places & work some glue down between the insert & tank plastic (I never like doing that as it can go wrong real quick)..




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Thanks for your ideas...I was hoping that I could work the stakenut straight out using the shaft of the screw but I don't know what my margins are. Your idea of drilling along side and injecting glue sounds promising. Still have to get screw out first as glue could easily get behind the nut and act like Loc-Tite.


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