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Marking TDC


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Well, since the HES is off/out of the RS, and upon removing it,(I set the Engine at TDC to allow "locking" the flywheel to remove it), it occurred to me that a simple way to "mark" this location would assist in the future. So, by temparairially reinstalling the "trigger" and the Timing Belt Pulley, and painting a couple white hash marks (facing/pointing in the direction of the pistons/cylinders) on the pulley, this will allow an easy reference in the future. (Pulling and replacing that stupid little "plug" is a PITA.) :mad:


One just must situate the pulley correctly upon reinstall so the marks line up with the cylinders. I also painted a "T" for throttle side, and a "C" for the clutch side, so it's easier to determine for valve adjustments in the future. One could do this without removing anything, after setting at TDC for valve adjustments.

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