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Autocom in youth helmet


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Anyone have any experience in putting one of these in a youth helmet? I'm not seeing any speaker pockets or anythng similar in my son's youth HJC helmet.



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Use inner ear speakers.....they work better anyway.


Or take the liner out and cut around the area with an exacto.


You can even smash it down with a spoon after the liner has been moved.







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I'm going to go to ear speakers for me, but my son is growing pretty fast so it may not be worth doing those for him.


I'll pull the liner out and see how well it can be cut back.

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er6i's I use them for my son. they usually last at least a year, and using the flange design, they have multiple sizes, my son is currently using the smallest, I figure he will move up to the middle size next year. I use them everyday 52 weeks a year for my commute, and they usually last 9 - 12 months. at about 60.00 shipped pretty cheap in ear music speakers.

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