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Very Cool iPhone/Touch App


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Take a look at 'Discover'... a miniature web server for your iPhone or Touch. Need to quickly transfer files to a friend or co-worker and don't want to mess with email attachments or USB dongles? Just run the Discover app and anyone on your local WiFi network can view a simple web interface from your phone and transfer files. It even includes built-in viewers to display pdf, Word, Excel, media files, etc. It's free, just search for it in the App Store.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

I've been playing a bit with Air Sharing, but it requires a "network place" be set up on Windoze XP.


Interesting... The Discover app jammed when I tried to view a picture that was 4MB.

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I just tried a few large photo files (>4 mb) and had no problem but I have seen a few reports of the viewer choking on large photo and pdf files. Perhaps an issue with available program memory (which can vary quite a bit at any given time in the iPhone as programs do not necessarily close completely and exit memory when you switch to another.) Also some 3rd-party apps allow the device to do things that Apple hadn't intended (for instance their desire is for you to load photos via iTunes which automatically 'conditions' and reduces the filesize of photos for easy internal handling) and do require some caution on the part of the user when testing boundaries, plus the app itself is still pretty young. So far I haven't been able to break it although I'm sure I could if I wanted to.


Edit: Air Sharing looks neat too, maybe I'll give that a try if the free spread doesn't work out. Looks like there are some complaints about large files not loading though... ;)

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