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Any Couch Surfers out there??


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. . . besides our own "tomrinbellingham" who I just found surfing their site:




It looks pretty cool and they even have a Motorcycling group! :thumbsup:


My dad was a physics professor and my mother an English major. Almost all of my childhood we lived very close to the University. Leslie and I still live a mile from SDSU about a block from where I grew up! As a kid we always had foreign exchange students rooming with us (probably to help make ends meet). Growing up I got to know young people from all sorts of different countries around the world. I think it was a WONDERFUL learning experience getting to travel the world vicariously as a small kid.


This CouchSurfing seems like a really neat way to shrink the world. Maybe if we get to understand each other a bit more we'll be less likely to see ourselves as apart from the world we inhabit and maybe even want to kill and/or exploit each other less. Or maybe I'm just dreaming! :grin:


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Yep - same username as here if you want to look me (and my wife Laura) up.


Awesome site - we've been on since back when you had to have a reference to get it (we're good friends with a guy who, I think, used to party fairly "seriously" with Casey Fenton back in Anchorage in the early ought years) - when they lifted that requirement some years ago the already decent population of users simply blew up and you can now find someone almost anywhere.


We haven't used it much for surfing and a lot of times we're already too full up with guests from other areas in life (or, in years before 07 were often traveling) to host, but every experience we've had has been a good one...including making some likely to be life long friends when we surfed their "couch" in Munich a few years ago. Anyway, it's also great for various bits of networking - like the motorcycle group you mention (I think there are a few moto groups already, and you can pretty much start any type of new group you want), or the various city groups. We found, when we moved here in 07, the Portland group a great help in really getting acquainted with a city we had often been tourists in but didn't really know.


When I found this place (bmwrt, i mean) I thought, wow - hook up the generous people here with CS and you could have some amazing moto-trips without ever being stuck in Motel 6 isolation (I think I may have plugged CS in some early posts here as well...but maybe not).


Anyway. Too much imbibing tonight seems to have me rambling so I'll stop now, but if anyone has any CS related questions, I can have another hot buttered rum and tell you way more than you wanted to know.



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This sounds FANTASTIC and right up Jacqueline and I's alley. We'll be signing up shortly I'm sure! I did like the idea of the trust circle, so I'll do a bit more research on the latest version of how they keep everyone secure.


Thanks for the post Jamie!

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