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The reason we do these Tech Dayz


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I bought my first Beemer in 01 and learned to do some of the maintenance myself with the help from board members here and through the IBMWR site as well. Johnathon Multhap was a very important source of information and sent me his own 6K and 12K service checklist that he made with references to the page numbers of the Clymer manual. What a great guy!


About a year later, along came Uli. He taught me so much, that I cannot express it here. We did the absolute correct maintenance according to century old German Law grin.gif, just kidding. Uli is a very exacting person and really helped me more than I can ever repay him for. He told that to "tackle a problem, you have to use your fantasy." Most of my fantasies have nothing to do with motorcycle maintenance grin.gif. I said, "don't you mean your imagination?" Again, an unbelievable machinist and problem solver.


Chris Kinney came down on a weekend this past spring to help me with the spline lube and uncover my "input shaft issue."


Steve Foote with the mini-stan funnel. Mitch Patrie with the technical answers to everything and the willingness to figure things out. Fernando, Denny, Mike W, Mike Figelski (a great resource when I was fixing up the K75), Mark and Christine for hosting tech dayz, Marty for connecting so many board members together from coast to coast, Eebie for loaning me a front shcok to use on the 100CC, El Grande Keso for keeping this board running, etc... I could go on an on and I would not be able to name all of the folks that I would like to.


With all the knowledge I have absorbed and demonstrations, I have participated in, I have been able to help several other riders here in my area. I would not have been able to do these things without all of you. I have done several 6K and 12K services, brake bleeds to include the K12RS. I have reached that highest stage of learning which is correlation. I am able to apply a previously learned task, to an unknown or unrelated one, such as the

brake bleed on the K12RS. The ABS unit and brake reservoir are very different from the RT, but I could figure most of it out - you guys came in for the rest.


I have tuned up three bikes for owners before a sale and sent them to a new owner knowing that they are as perfect as can be.


What does all this babbling really mean? I have spent a total of $850 dollars for dealer service in the past 4 years. That was for my ill-fated input shaft and clutch replacement. Although I am happy for the monentary savings, the real reason comes in a response from a fellow rider that we have breakfast with. His 03 GS with 90K+ on the odometer has not been running well at all. He has been losing power when coming out of corners and has had low gas mileage. This is what he passed along to me in an e-mail this morning:



I'm very sorry I didn't get back with you earlier. Thursday I didn't stop going until about a quarter to ten PM, and the next day (Friday) I was up early for the trip to north Georgia - and I just go back.


OK, here's the report. I have about 1050 miles on the sync. Power is way up. Gas mileage is from about 36-38 mpg to about 41-43. I told the guy I was riding with it was running like a sewing machine. Well almost anyhow.. it's got a tad of surge in the higher rpms but it's running better than it has since it was a new bike.


I was thinking about the problem with the tbs. The right throttle body had the button that stopped that cam looking thing. Although it wasn't supposed to fall out it did and unamed BMW dealer didn't know how to fix it so I took it to the Honda place and they replace it with a Honda valve adjustment flat screw. It may be keeping something out of whack. But then again, it's probably jus the cable. I'll order a new one next week.


I can't thank you enough for your help - I'm getting into a "I can do that" attitude with the bike.




Another mechanic has been born thumbsup.gif
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Steve that rocks! Another success story! thumbsup.gif


I also am forever indebted to the folks you mentioned as well as quite a few more . . . and I won't insult anyone by trying to name them all, but they know who they are! wink.gif


I miss Uli! frown.gif He hasn't checked in in awhile. Have you heard from him? Is he locked behind a firewall somewhere on the Russian Front? dopeslap.gif


Sorry, I've posted this before, but it's one of my favorite pics of you two (Steve on the left, Uli on the right):





A few months back, Fernando posted a primer on how to be a good Tech Daze participant. It was then amended to include tips on hosting your own TD and Leslie posted it as a sticky at the top of the Ride Planning Forum here.



After Fernando's original post, Gleno posted a great trip down memory lane here.


If you're interested in attending or hosting one and you look at the pics from Glenoz post--don't get discouraged or disappointed when you show up at one of mine! tongue.gif That was the Mother Of All Tech Dazes and it's like will probably never be seen again. But I honestly have no idea what or how I'd be riding if it weren't for all the awesome education I've gotten from the incredibly generous souls here. I've put over 100,000 miles on Beemers in the last four years, they run like a top (till the parts wear out! eek.gif ), I've saved $1000's of dollars and I've made friends with some incredible people all over the globe as a result. In fact, I think I need to make another contribution! grin.gif


Thanks for the excuse to ramble-on again, Steve! dopeslap.gif

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you betcha!!

just the knowledge at a TD is worth the price of admission. what i've learned, as well as passed onto others., has saved me a bunch of cash. as i'm sure it has other members as well.

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That is a great picture!


Here is another one:




I will never forget that evening and the presentation of the shirt!


Uli is doing well after a couple of mishaps. The first one was last winter when he found a patch of black ice and ended up low siding the RT. He sent me a picture of his repair job that he did himself with ebay parts. It isn't pretty, but it's functional.




About a month ago he was in-line skating with his daughter and fell backwards trying to negotiate a small step. He locked his arm straight out and landed on his hand, breaking his elbow. Three screws later, all is well. He is recovering fine.


I told him not to go back to Germany grin.gif

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As someone reletivly new to the BMWST concept of family, Tech daze in three states has been a way for me to learn not only the maintanence of my RT, but also a way for what i call the " solo rider" (me) to meet alot of riders doing something that is of common interest. Almost all my riding is solo due mostly to the fact that my riding is spontanence (ie not planned) due to my work. A thanks from me to all the folks for the willingness to shair this great sport. BTY One of my wishes would be that Glenno would do a techdaze again so that i could add Navada to my list.

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I too would love to attend one of these functions!

I would consider hosting one but due to a severe lack of product knowledge..that notion will have to wait.

I would however travel say 500mi in any direction from Houston to participate.

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Steve, great post. I was so motivated by it and Jamie's reply, that I decided to try to put together and host another TD in the northeast. Thanks for the nudge guys.


My only hope is that Northeast techdaze can grow and mirror the success that has been achieved in many other parts of the country.

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Steve, that's an awesome post.


Tech Daze are one of the key components of this community. They bring people together and empower individuals to get even more out of their hobby. It has been a truely rewarding part of my riding experience to have participated in several of the tech daze's in the southeast.


Your own Beer, Beemers & Brats I was the first for me. thumbsup.gif


Thanks for being the kind of guy you are. smile.gif

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John Moylan



.....hey, don't knock it. From the country who also brought you the VW Harlequin colour scheme.........


Yes - it was an official model. Can you imagine trying so sort a production schedule for those things..........

"what colour is in the spray gun now?"

"er, I dunno....blue?"

"fine...2 doors in blue -thanks"

"oh, I'm sorry, it was red"

"doesn't matter.....it'll match anyhoo....!" grin.gifgrin.gif

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I have never been able to attend a TD but have talked to a few in the know at rallys (such as Joe Katz from florida any one heard of him?) and with the help of this board 2 other RT riders and myself went together and bought a HF tire changer and a member of my club www.MOUNTAINEERBMW.ORG gave me a TWINMAX. So now I do tire changes and balancing (marcparnes) and have just replaced all 4 plugs, adjusted the valves, and finished a TB sync with great success. Only regret is that I waited as long as I did. I like to Thank all that contribute to this board. Keep the info coming!



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Great post Steve...and brings to mind a recent get together at my place.


Hang'n out, meeting new friends and tossing some products onto the BBQ seems to be more fun and meaningfull than the wrenching that goes on during the day. Parts is parts, but there's just more to it than that.


Some male bonding.....




Feeding the troops.....




What the>>> confused.gif





It just doesn't get any better than that....

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