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Helmet Armor - Shameless Plug


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If you're anything like me, it hurts when stones pit and chip your helmet. Especially when you stepped up for your favorite paint scheme.


My friend Ryan Tounsley brought over a new product for me to try (that's right, I was the guinea pig). It's called Helmet Armor from Protective Film Solutions. It's a clear protective film that adheres to your helmet and prevents chipping and pitting.


They have pre-cut kits for most popular helmets. The kit includes the necessary film panels, a small squeegee tool and instructions. I tried my hand at installing it on my new Scorpion Black Chamelion helmet. Ryan wanted to see if someone without film application experience could actually do this. He will have online demo instructions soon - after fumbling a bit at first I highly recommend a video lesson for first time installers.


The Scorpion helmet has a stick-on raised logo that I removed first.




Then I cleaned the area with a rubbing alcohol and water solution. Before peeling the film from the backing I wetted my fingers with the same solution, then sprayed the adhesive side of the film before applying.


Following the instruction sheet which had alignment and attach points, I applied the film. I sprayed the solution over the film to lubricate it and used the squeegee tool to work out the bubbles.




The first panel I attached took a couple of rework attempts to avoid wrinkles. That's the nice part about this film - keeping it wet allows you to peel it up and work it into place. Once the first attach point is firmly in place you can pull and slightly stretch the material to conform to curves. It's not too hard once you get the hang of it.


About 20 minutes later it was job done. Now I don't have any worries about my riding buddies' sticky back tires peppering my helmet. Oh yeah - I have the front of my Ducati 848 covered in film too - wish I would have had the windscreen done as well. It's pitted badly in just 3500 miles. My R1200 RT gets the treatment next - Including film protection over the dash panel and Garmin Zumo screen.




Check them out - Google Protective Film Solutions.


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