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Zumo newbie questions


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My Zumo 550 is forthcomming, so I am looking into a Bluetooth headset. I want to be able to communicate bike to bike, listen for voice prompts from the Zumo and listen to MP3's...no interest in cell phone usage.


Can someone steer me in the right direction as to which brand and model, and the plusses and minuses of each from your personal experiences. Thanking you in advance for your help.


BTW I did a search and found many posts but I am still open to your current opinions.

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I have the older version which doesn't do BTB but am very happy with my setup of Zumo, Phone, Camos. If you want stereo from the Zumo you will need a Bluetooth dongle like the WiRevo here to broadcast from the zumo. If you don't mind listening to MP3's in mono you don't need it.


Or you could wait and see what Autocom is coming out with. There seem to be some Bluetooth rumors floating around......

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