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All I want for Christmas !


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Drink lots of fluids and take your KTM or Dakar out for a really BUMPY ride. That should get it movin' :grin:


Seriously though, most stones less than 6mm do pass on their own eventually - good luck.

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Thanks Doc. It's been here since Wed. I'm going today at 1:00 to hopefully get it broken up or something. Better pain killers at least.

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Is for this f_ _ _ _ing 4 mm kidney stone to pass !


Well, I know it's cold comfort (read: "NONE!"), but I'm with you there in spirit;

I've had four over the years.


I've had a broken leg set without any painkillers, and electric current passed directly through nerves in my lower right leg for a conductance test, and none of it held a candle to the stones I passed. Demerol was my best friend :thumbsup:


Here's to hoping you're passing it right now, quickly and easily !

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:grin: Laughter is the best medicine . This is my first and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I never get sick and when I was in the ER Saturday , It makes me very grateful that people go into the medical field.
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Don't wait for them to pass have them pulled .


About June last year I had a 12 mm kidney stone that they said they broke up with vibrations . This may work for some ,has never felt that satisfactory for me.


Kidney stones re occured as I was leaving Vanuatu to head home in December, off the plane , back home 2 hour later and in hospital in another two hours.


This time they put me on drugs to "control" the infection , I have rarely felt this ill, and after three days they removed them . Surgery was the best thing ever , I had spent the odd night curled in the foetal position on the floor of the shower with water as hot as I could stand to alleviate the pain.


When I was 18 I was playing rugby and was crunched in a scrum and popped up with suspected damage rib cartelege, this was painful but we still had about 20 minutes to the end of the game so the took off my jersey and strapped me with adhesive bandaging so I could finish the game. We ended up losing the game yet the thing I remember most to this day is the name of the nurse at the Coonamble Hospital , her name was Helen Driscoll.


After the game they took me to the hospital for an Xray in case there may have been more damage done and as I sat on the examination table Helen cut the strapping on my body with about 6 vertical cuts. She massaged some baby oil into the gaps where she had cut the material all the time talking gently to me about the game and other such things . As I sat there she grabbed the top of a section of the strapping and without a word from her she ripped the strapping off my body. I have always been hirsute and the strapping she held in her hand had clumps of my hair embedded in it and some spots had blood where pieces of my skin had also come off. I couldn't breathe and still had another 5 or 6 pieces to go. I am now 52 she would probably have been about 40 years of age at the time so that would now make her 74 years old now.


As she ripped the rest off ,I swore at this she devil when I could draw breath and if she is still alive today and I saw her on the street I would run her over.


I rank this pain at around 5 or 6 out of 10 .


My gallstones ranked around 6 out of 10


Broken shoulder about 4 out of 10


Various other injuries broken leg was a 4 , had a really bad sprain that I ranked as a 6 .


Kidney stones at worst went to at least an 8 out of 10 .


I hope I have encouraged you to have them removed ASAP , having them pulled early is such a relief , important that you don't start enjoying all the attention placed on your penis.{well not too much }

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Mine is 4 mm and the x-ray on Saturday in the ER showed it was just about to drop into the bladder. I too know the pain of an 8 out of 10. On monday I saw the specialist and he gave me medicine to try to push it out along with stronger pain medicine. Yesterday was the first day without unbearable pain. Hopefully it moved into the bladder. I will be consulting with the Doctor again later this week or early next week for his opinion. I suppose a new x-ray . He said breaking it up was not an option due to it's location. He spoke of pulling it out if necessary. I can't imagine a 12 mm stone and surviving. I feel for you.......

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Met Santa in the hospital and got my wish ! Glad I did ! I must have been good this year. The thought of the pain possibly lasting weeks or longer made it an easy decision.It still hurts after but that should only last a few days while healing.

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What did you end up having ?


Build a relationship with your urologist and next time don't wait.


I dragged out dealing with my kidney stones and suffered for ages , tried passing and vibration, now if I have a problem , I'm on my back and in the position before he has his hands washed.


I endured gallstones for ages trying to avoid the operation , after having an emergency gallbladder removal and how good I felt after , like the kidney stones I can't believe I suffered for so long .


I put off having my knees done for years and gradually accepted how much they interefered with me doing things and just put up with the pain . I had them both done about 5 years ago and it was one of the best things I have ever done. The relief of being pain free showed how just how stupid I was for putting off these operations. Complete knee replacements , bolts and mesh grafting , not a problem.


Main arguments I used was how important I was and couldn't be spared { I think I was the only person acceptng this point of view}

I could come up with a reason not to do it anytime it was recommended that I should have it done.


We can be strange creatures at times with some strange reasoning , my fears when I look back on it ranged from , the general anaesthetic , a fear of not coming out of hospital , something going wrong , an obsession with toileting practises while confined to bed { I was paranoid about this with my knee operations as I had both done at the same time , but the reality was , into hospital on day one , operation day on day two, recovery on day three and started physio "assisted walking" on day five ,catheter was removed on day three and was then able to get my self to the toilet}so it wasn't a problem .


My wife probably knew the most important "problem" I had and that was me not being in control and dependent on people I didn't know.


Hope your problem is solved and remember next attack of stones , straight to your urologist , pants undone and ready to assume the position .


You may feel a touch cheap and easy but lay back and enjoy it ,


from someone who knows.

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I had an operation to take out the stone. I will not wait again and get it done immediately. It's on the way to the lab to help determine the cause. I'm not afraid of the hospital or procedures at all . My general doctor and friends who had kidney stones all told me to end the suffering and get it done. The first 3 days i thought it wa food poisoning possibly and had no idea. I went to the ER the 4th day and the Cat Scan showed the stone. I tried the recommended medicine to try and dialate the area and diaretic to push it out for 3 days and then gave up. I had a pain attack last night at home and again this morning. I'm told it's now do to the trauma in the area . I'm taking oxycodone every 4 hours and hope that it goes away soon. I'm sure I made the right choice when my uroligist told me it sometimes takes weeks or longer to push out. I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas like me.

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It was the friday before vacation, 5 am. Terrible pain. ER dr. said kidney stone, pass within 3 days, here's vicodin. Went on vacation long way away. Didn't pass, 1 1/2 weeks later, MY dr looks at the exray and says: "you never pass this in a million years" Blasted out. Now I drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. Keep a 64 ounce container at work and must finish before leaving. I have had these on and off for 40 years, but never as bad a pain as this one was fifteen years ago. 30 years ago, rode Harley 200 miles to have Christmas with the family, and spent all Christmas in the hospital passing another one. I hate em.

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