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A somewhat suspicious evening


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The snow here in my part of Seattle is still pounding down and all of it remarkably beautiful.

But because of all the hills, i either take my bicycle or walk as most of the busses cannot run in this area because of all the snow. Christmas is around the corner and with all the snow, I think people are generally a bit kinder and happier than ususal. I have been in my new studio doing construction and wiring for the last few weeks and this evening I finally completed it all. As I was leaving the building I noticed one of the shops on the mezzanine level wide open with the lights on.

Strange I thought since I know the owners and clearly remember saying goodnight to them many hours ago as they left the building to go home. I looked around the shop for about 2 or 3 minutes and kept yelling Hello, anyone in here. Suddenly I got a funny feeling in my gut and announced in a very loud voice, "I have called the Police" I then stepped outside the building door and called 911. Told them what was going on and what I noticed. They arrived in a snow blizzard within a matter of minutes. I introduced myself and we went into the building.

The officer and I used hand signals to move around and to point things out. After we cleared the store, we examined the lock which seemed to have been jimmied a bit. We coulnt find the number of the owner so we just hit redial on the store phone hoping the last call made was from someone in the store to the owner. And it worked. The owner was questioned by the police and certain conclusions were configured following a series of questions by the officer. So the building was secure as well as the store and we locked it up. The officer was a terrific fella and he and I discovered we had quite a few mutual friends on the force. However, by this time it was very late and the snow was coming hard. all the busses I take had stopped so I got a ride to a market, got some food and came back to my studio where I will hopefull be getting some sleep on the floor for the next few hours before the morning comes. Im glad Im stuck here tonight and will keep an extra eye on things. I dont know what I would do if someone did actually break in, but I would do something for sure. Forunately for my offices, they are not accessible.

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sOUNDS tO me like you need to start packing a Glock or a Sig.! That's gotta be a bit disconcerting knowing that the owner had shut down and yet everything is "open".


Good on you for alerting the po-po and such.



Now - go and write a song about it.! :^)

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